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« The most important thing I have learnt from stormy moments is coming to terms with the fact you are going to fail sometimes. It builds strength and makes me determined to do better each day. »

But my darkest moment was a couple of years ago when I lost all inspiration and love for photography. I went to uni to study it for a degree and absolutely hated the course. I lost all my creativity and felt like giving up my dreams of becoming a professional photographer all together. I didn’t take a photo I liked for nearly a year. In the end I dropped out after the first year and just focused on gaining back my inspiration and ideas. It took a while, as I then had the struggle of finding a job in the field, but eventually I found my way and I definitely think my love for it is much stronger. I am inspired by so much now that I have to collect my overflowing ideas in this little notebook I carry around, it’s great.

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