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Brooke is from La Jolla California; a true so-cal girl at heart she has a wild infatuation with nature and going where the wind and sea take her. Doing time abroad in Berlin and Costa Rica she has experienced what much of this world has to offer and isn’t going to let any of it slip past her lens. Some of the most rare of captures have been seen through her eyes as she enters the worlds we dream about, forever imprinting our minds with her film.

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While the majority are stuck wondering how people end up on the streets or frozen on a metal table in a hallway she engulfs herself in these stories. She has a charisma about her, eccentric and enticing with out being overwhelming; she has the ability to bring light to the dark underbellies of any occasion. She can convince girls to stand nude on a center divider of a highway during rush hour so fast that they don’t realize where they are until they feel the wind of the fast lane across their skin.

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While not giving a shit about LA’s art scene she has mesmerized many with her raw approach to documentary style photography. If you meet her, listen while you can, see what’s in front of you and hold on, she will flip your universe on its side and slap you with knowledge only she can obtain through the adventures she pursues.

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Discover her website – L.M.L.M.